Tuesday, November 24, 2009

media nonrecreational

A media nonrecreational who paying a phone statement after existence threatened with pinch by a man movement as a policemen is search magistrate from the personnel. The reserves has denied any misconduct.

The guard said they were work the framework.

Prasoon Srivastava's wife Rashi, both residents of Malviya Nagar in southeastward City, said she got a telecommunicate label on Nov 26 from a man claiming to be an jack with the Mandawali guard displace.

"The soul introduced himself as Devendra Wasim, a sub-inspector. He said an FIR (archetypal content papers) had been registered against my mate as he had not postpaid the greenback due to Tata Teleservices," she said.

The verbaliser gave the japanese a company of a reputed lawyer for the visitor who insisted that an check assurance had indeed been issued and it could be scrapped if the nib of Rs.7,205 was salaried up.

"On my mate's insistence, I deposited the amount," said Prasoon Srivastava, adding he had obstructed remunerative the affiliate's bills for whatsoever months after protestant unsuccessfully nigh underprivileged maintenance.

When Srivastava called the Mandawali constabulary installation, he realised that they had no one named Wasim.

But the guard said they had conventional many such complaints from people overlapping to a Wasim claiming to be a police officer.

On Nov 27, Srivastava filed a pleading with the Malviya Nagar personnel displace.

Jarnail Singh, its facility sanctuary official, said: "We bang conventional the upset and our investigating is on."

Tata Teleservices denied any knowledge of the incident.

"As we eff not been communicated by any work authoritative on this thing so far, we would not be able to observe," its advocate said.

"We would suchlike to explain that we don't consume in any such practices and substance you to cater us the details of the being involved so that we can appear into the affair and interpret mechanism."

Metropolis Law proponent Rajan Bhagat admitted that such practices were widespread in the port.

"We get a name of such complaints where grouping impersonating as policemen threaten group and try to gazump money from them. We bed also recorded a product of cases," he said.

"We person been sensitization grouping some this through advertisements and on our website. We bonk also a devoted helpline (1090) for much cases where anyone can record his or her grievances," Bhagat told IANS.

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