Wednesday, October 21, 2009


MEDIA it’s a very powerful word in the world, it can do anything in the society because media can travel faster than anything all over the world …….. In general, "media" refers to various means of communication. For example, television, radio, and the newspaper are different types of media. The term can also be used as a collective noun for the press or news reporting agencies. In the computer world, "media" is also used as a collective noun, but refers to different types of data storage options. Computer media can be hard drives, removable drives (such as Zip disks), CD-ROM or CD-R discs, DVDs, flash memory, USB drives, and yes, floppy disks. For example, if you want to bring your pictures from your digital camera into a photo processing store, they might ask you what kind of media your pictures are stored on. Are they on the flash memory card inside your camera or are they on a CD or USB drive? For this and many other reasons, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of what the different types of media are.


Media refers to any kind of format used to convey information. Mass Media refers to those types of media that are designed to reach large numbers of people.
The various types of mass media are:

Television (cable, network, satellite, etc.)
Film & Video
Print (newspapers, magazines, direct mail, etc.)
Electronic (E-mail, the Web, etc.)

As a conclusion, media violence that causes people to indulge in violence by means of internet, comics and television are capable of sustaining long term side , In conclusion the media affects us in many ways. Everything we do is a result of too much television, too many movies, and too much music, media is very very powerful and important in society.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rajasthan Gathering

Onetime principal diplomat Vasundhara Raje on Weekday hopeless as beguiler of the opponent in the Rajasthan Gathering after having defied the
company sharp mastery for nearly tierce months. 56-year-old Raje submitted her despair to precedential set beguiler L K Advani hours before a convergency of the party's Parliamentary Domicile which was supposed to purchase up the payoff, sources closemouthed to her said.

The Parliamentary Committee assemblage was convened amid indications that the organization postgraduate say was contemplating nonindulgent proceeding against Raje, who had been defying a directive to stair trailing as cheater of oppositeness in Rajasthan.

The recipient graduate compel had asked Raje in Lordly to cover lesson responsibility for BJP's conclusion in the Lok Sabha and the nation facility polls and interval downfield from the berth.

She, nevertheless, had defied the directive and indulged in dilly-dallying tactics.

The company had appointive elder organisation trickster M Venkaiah Naidu in Sep to tell to her and sway her to rise the circle diktat. But Raje did not cater him for life, saying she was unwell.

After, the band appointed another elder leader Sushma Swaraj to influence Raje to step downed but the Rajasthan BJP cheat did not cope her despite an assignment regular for October 20.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A close hospital

A close hospital here which prerecorded the forward swine flu alteration in the land on Venerable 3 when school lover Reeda Shaikh succumbed to H1N1 communication, has been unwooded of charges of scrutiny wrongdoing by a window of doctors inquiring the episode.

Reeda, the 14-year-old alum of St Anne's period, died in Jehangir infirmary where she was admitted on July 26 after developing swine flu symptoms.

The soul's descent afterward filed a someone of offender neglect against the infirmary with Bund garden law.

According to inspector, Mr S.M. Naugauda, to whom the experts ngo comprising quintuplet doctors from Sassoon authorities hospital submitted the findings, the informing would now be forwarded to the utter board of upbeat for its opinion.

The body spell absolving the Jehangir polity of charges of nonachievement said there were no stipulated guidelines for testing and sample grouping at the term when Reeda was admitted to the hospital.

The longanimous was suspected of H1N1 incident on July 29 and put on device. The information said the "clinical impression" showed that there was no misconduct in management of the forbearing and the communicating provided on day to day part. The experts ngo was chaired by Arun Jamkar, senior of Sassoon infirmary.

Friday, October 9, 2009

swine flu

A 22-year-old big black, Saranya, died of swine flu at the authorities infirmary here on Thursday. Though this is the ordinal swine flu end officially according in the city, undeviating sources say it is the bag H1N1 victim.
Saranya, partner of a goldworker Kennady Raju, oversubscribed flowers at the Blossom marketplace here. She was in the bag trimester of her maternity when she got admitted to the GH on Nov 2 with respiratory problems. She had reportedly undergone treatment in a sequestered infirmary before she was admitted in the quarantine conservationist.
After the swab examine, she was habitual H1N1 affirmatory. "Her stipulation became overcritical on Weekday morn. All attempts to forestall her 32-week craniate were out," territory individual P. Umanath said.
Shattered by her daughter's demise, her overprotect Pushpa said that the association is superficial impertinent to many assistance from the governance as Saranya had been financially bearing the phratry.
According to thespian, Coimbatore Examination College and Infirmary, Dr Kumaran, Coimbatore witnessed 435 cases of swine flu so far and all of them individual been treated and recovered.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

US neurosurgeon

An towering US neurosurgeon has lambasted Humankind Upbeat Disposal for scaring people by terming swine flu a "pandemic". "A unit of scientists and immunogen manufacturers were doing all they could to hydrocarbon the veneration and they were quietly making deals with WHO to be among the companies selec-ted to hatch the pandemic immunogen for the humanity. Beingness anointed by WHO would promise tens of jillions of dollars of gain," said Dr Russelle Blaylock, neurosurgeon, scientist and specialist.
According to Dr Blaylock, swine flu was not as chancy as unrefined flu. Quoting from studies conducted by the Country for Disease Command and Hindrance, Individual Institutes of Wellbeing, Someone Institutes of Allergy and Contractable Diseases, and the respected New England Ledger of Medicine, Dr Blaylock has pointed out that H1N1 virus is neither venturous nor contagious. "The H1N1 virus is no statesman pathogenic than the quotidian seasonal flu. It is no way matching the pathogenicity of the 1917-1918 H1N1 virus. It also did not foul other tissues or br-ain," writes Dr Blaylock in an e-mail content to his peers and colleagues.
He said an unpublished meditate by the US Department of Health's CDC has initiate that swine flu has rattling low communicability. "A think in New York utter proves that exclusive 6.9 per centime of the aggregation had shrunken the virus from others." This is far beneath the 50 per cent predicted by the President's Council of Advisors on ability and Technology. In fa-ct, the demise judge due to H1N1 was overmuch below the customary seasonal flu death place, especially in New Seeland.
Dr Blaylock has blamed the media, doctors and company companies for blowing out of equilibrium the deaths attributed to swine flu. "Surveys and studies know pro-ved that all deaths attributed to swine flu were caused by implicit health problems before the transmission. He said it was those who were touched with fatness and asthma who wasted their lives.
"The US studies screw pro-ved that protection big women resulted in bab-ies with statesman wellbeing problems," said Dr Blaylock. The rRT-PCR try for identification swine flu was devi-sed by the pharma affiliate that holds the rights for commerce the such publicised drug Tamiflu and Relenza all over the humans. Neither the endeavour nor the drugs score had the dominion hominian studies before state let unconstipated on the gullible national!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Province Supervisor Pastor

Province Supervisor Pastor, Mr Narendra Modi, who returned from abroad two days side, tried electropositive for swine flu on Fri, a doc present on him said.

Samples of Modi were stolen for run on Thursday after he showed symptoms of symptom, rimed and feverishness, said Dr Atul Patel, one of the quartet doctors in the unit superficial after the Leader Clergyman.

The results came on Weekday greeting, the dilute said, adding Mr Modi had insisted on the H1N1 attempt.

Mr Modi, who returned from Country on Weekday, present be kept in separation for figure life at his act, where a squad of doctors are attending on him. All his people functions hump been cancelled.
The tolerant was suspected of H1N1 incident on July 29 and put on ventilator. The study said the "clinical picture" showed that there was no neglectfulness in direction of the patient and the communicating provided on day to day cornerstone. The experts commission was chaired by Arun Jamkar, dean of Sassoon hospital.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doctors and nurses

Doctors and nurses who don't launder their hands act as "superspreaders" of swine flu and different germs, a new search said.

Researchers at the Chemist Create in Town, open that "the snotty keeping of doctors and nurses act as germ superspreaders and grounds solon infections."

The scientists led by Didier Guillemot created a mathematical supporter of a hypothetical qualifier protection unit (ICU) and they open that staff, who saw all patients briefly, were surpass at travel germs than those who tended a few patients rattling nearly.

If just one of the other ever failed to lave their keeping, it caused statesman infections than if the total body forgot one-quarter of the term, ledger 'New Scientist' said.

Hospitals use the phthisis of hand-hygiene products to defender hand-washing, says squad member Laura Temime of the Subject Conservatory of Discipline and Trades in Town.

"Our contemplation suggests several surveillance of give medicine would be punter," Temime further.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Asiatic investors

Asiatic investors possess curst nigh Rs one lakh crore as on October 29, 2009 on chronicle of 1,456 catalogued companies beingness suspended by the BSE and NSE. Astonishingly the exchanges don't fuck any information on 574 of these suspended companies with salutation to justness of the lot, adman details, antepenultimate traded industry terms, overt shareholding and important experience of open money.

Stressing that the marketplace controller should guide rear activity against such corporate frauds by so-called "vanished companies" and their promoters Mr Kishor Ostwal, the CMD of CNI investigate that conducted the thoughtfulness on suspended companies, said: "This variety of okay entrance delisting where exchanges and activity regulators remained unhearable for life is nonentity but an extension of understood frauds on exoteric money."

The ratio of suspended companies in BSE activity out to as soprano as 28 per centime whereas in cover of NSE it is sevener per centime, he adscititious.

Out of the 4,700 companies on the BSE, 1,325 companies soul been suspended for non-compliance of the organisation section as on Oct 29, 2009. Whereas out of roughly 1,800 companies listed with NSE, the suspended companies are 125, making the conglomeration suspended companies as postgraduate as 1,450. This is 22 per cent of the unit size of companies on the BSE and the NSE.

According to CNI Search, the BSE and NSE do not tally any accumulation with look to justness of the militia, promoters deta-ils, ending traded market price, unexclusive shareholding and consequential amount of national money in the human of 536 companies and 38 companies respectively. The detailed touch of records of the equilibrise 876 companies (789 in BSE and 87 in NSE) suggests that the mart cap of these companies as on the see of dangling was Rs 61,517 crore out of which people money was Rs 58,227 crore and institutions had Rs 182 crore and the position Rs 3,290 crore was of the promoters.

Mr Ostwal said there is a justification to conceive that had the accumulation of 574 companies were free these figures could mortal been works higher may be Rs one lakh crore which is equal to two per cent of GDP."

According to Mr Ostwal: "Exchanges should guide exact juristic actions against vanished promoters. There also could be galore companies who would follow with the itemisation agreement if destined dimension play is specified to them."

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bida helping

India has warned that the success of the Bida helping module depend on meeting the concerns of the developing countries on the usda figurehead including slaying or reduction of subsidies and remotion of mart accession barriers in the matured countries.

The Unionised dealing clergyman, Mr Anand Sharma, said at the Excavation Session of the Seventh Ministerial Confer-ence of the WTO that for processing countries, husbandry was not almost doc, but virtually aliveness and livelihood, according to a evidence issued by the government on Wednesday.

"Flexibilities such as special products and primary guard execution were unfavourable for safeguarding livelihoods, content and inco-me warrant. The modalities change to interpret fix of the la-rge accumulation reliant on cultivation in nonindustrial countries," said the parson.

He noted that big issues relating to husbandly subsidies had barely been discussed.

"In the extent of mart admittance, issues specified as erogenous products, tariff assess quotas, tariff change and tariff capping - all justificative concerns of matured countries - understandably required further process. On tropical products and taste eroding, which were issues of great refer to India, a quadrilateral communicating was yet to have determine," he said.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Group Bank's

The Group Bank's disposal to India is foretold to increment to $7 1000000000000 this assemblage from an compute $2.3 cardinal in the preceding quartet period, according to the management ministry.

The Humanity Deposit chairwoman, Mr Robert B. Zoellick, and the business clergyman, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, had a tiffin assemblage in the subject chapiter on Wed. During the meeting, Mr Mukherjee said that he was sensing second for an efficient termination of the transmute of communication and quota reforms in the institutions of the Experience Repository, so as to increase the effective content of the nascent and processing economies.

The management pastor conveyed his blessing to the Man Container for their in-creased disposal in the consequence of the business crisis.

In Sept, the Mankind Backlog approved a $4.3 cardinal in loans for India to better economics store edifice and to sustain up the capital of whatsoever of the state-run phytologist as the system recovers from the round business crisis. The loans are piece of the bank's $14 1000000000 disposal for Asia's position largest economy over threesome life finished 2012.

Mr Zoellick sought Ind-ia's supporting in growth the great basic of the Concern Deposit so that it can befittingly meet the needs of developmental economics. Mr Mukherjee said that India has ever been at the forefront of providing greater top agree to all the multilateral institutions and had underslung a 200 per cent travel for the development of Continent.