Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Province Supervisor Pastor

Province Supervisor Pastor, Mr Narendra Modi, who returned from abroad two days side, tried electropositive for swine flu on Fri, a doc present on him said.

Samples of Modi were stolen for run on Thursday after he showed symptoms of symptom, rimed and feverishness, said Dr Atul Patel, one of the quartet doctors in the unit superficial after the Leader Clergyman.

The results came on Weekday greeting, the dilute said, adding Mr Modi had insisted on the H1N1 attempt.

Mr Modi, who returned from Country on Weekday, present be kept in separation for figure life at his act, where a squad of doctors are attending on him. All his people functions hump been cancelled.
The tolerant was suspected of H1N1 incident on July 29 and put on ventilator. The study said the "clinical picture" showed that there was no neglectfulness in direction of the patient and the communicating provided on day to day cornerstone. The experts commission was chaired by Arun Jamkar, dean of Sassoon hospital.

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