Thursday, October 8, 2009

US neurosurgeon

An towering US neurosurgeon has lambasted Humankind Upbeat Disposal for scaring people by terming swine flu a "pandemic". "A unit of scientists and immunogen manufacturers were doing all they could to hydrocarbon the veneration and they were quietly making deals with WHO to be among the companies selec-ted to hatch the pandemic immunogen for the humanity. Beingness anointed by WHO would promise tens of jillions of dollars of gain," said Dr Russelle Blaylock, neurosurgeon, scientist and specialist.
According to Dr Blaylock, swine flu was not as chancy as unrefined flu. Quoting from studies conducted by the Country for Disease Command and Hindrance, Individual Institutes of Wellbeing, Someone Institutes of Allergy and Contractable Diseases, and the respected New England Ledger of Medicine, Dr Blaylock has pointed out that H1N1 virus is neither venturous nor contagious. "The H1N1 virus is no statesman pathogenic than the quotidian seasonal flu. It is no way matching the pathogenicity of the 1917-1918 H1N1 virus. It also did not foul other tissues or br-ain," writes Dr Blaylock in an e-mail content to his peers and colleagues.
He said an unpublished meditate by the US Department of Health's CDC has initiate that swine flu has rattling low communicability. "A think in New York utter proves that exclusive 6.9 per centime of the aggregation had shrunken the virus from others." This is far beneath the 50 per cent predicted by the President's Council of Advisors on ability and Technology. In fa-ct, the demise judge due to H1N1 was overmuch below the customary seasonal flu death place, especially in New Seeland.
Dr Blaylock has blamed the media, doctors and company companies for blowing out of equilibrium the deaths attributed to swine flu. "Surveys and studies know pro-ved that all deaths attributed to swine flu were caused by implicit health problems before the transmission. He said it was those who were touched with fatness and asthma who wasted their lives.
"The US studies screw pro-ved that protection big women resulted in bab-ies with statesman wellbeing problems," said Dr Blaylock. The rRT-PCR try for identification swine flu was devi-sed by the pharma affiliate that holds the rights for commerce the such publicised drug Tamiflu and Relenza all over the humans. Neither the endeavour nor the drugs score had the dominion hominian studies before state let unconstipated on the gullible national!

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