Wednesday, October 21, 2009


MEDIA it’s a very powerful word in the world, it can do anything in the society because media can travel faster than anything all over the world …….. In general, "media" refers to various means of communication. For example, television, radio, and the newspaper are different types of media. The term can also be used as a collective noun for the press or news reporting agencies. In the computer world, "media" is also used as a collective noun, but refers to different types of data storage options. Computer media can be hard drives, removable drives (such as Zip disks), CD-ROM or CD-R discs, DVDs, flash memory, USB drives, and yes, floppy disks. For example, if you want to bring your pictures from your digital camera into a photo processing store, they might ask you what kind of media your pictures are stored on. Are they on the flash memory card inside your camera or are they on a CD or USB drive? For this and many other reasons, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of what the different types of media are.


Media refers to any kind of format used to convey information. Mass Media refers to those types of media that are designed to reach large numbers of people.
The various types of mass media are:

Television (cable, network, satellite, etc.)
Film & Video
Print (newspapers, magazines, direct mail, etc.)
Electronic (E-mail, the Web, etc.)

As a conclusion, media violence that causes people to indulge in violence by means of internet, comics and television are capable of sustaining long term side , In conclusion the media affects us in many ways. Everything we do is a result of too much television, too many movies, and too much music, media is very very powerful and important in society.


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  2. We should to take care about children of all kind of media...!!Peace...!!

  3. media is strongly influence for our pattern in many ways. Characters we can build because begins with what we see via media

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