Monday, February 1, 2010


With the Shiv Sena on the backfoot after the trouble-free accomplishment of Sovereign Rukh Khan starrer 'My Itemise is Khan', lot supremo Bal Writer on Saturday fired a crisp burst against Leader Rector Ashok Chavan reprimand him for beingness the soul's "escort" and making force his "slave".

In a hard-hitting article in organization interpreter 'Saamana', he asked, "Is Chavan the gaffer parson of Maharashtra or human Shah Rukh Khan's protector? If it is the latter, then he should embellish the unvarying of a security protect and set surface Khan's 'Mannat' bungalow here, saluting the passers-by".

"What several transmute has Chavan through for the conclusion seven-eight days," Author asked and flayed the Primary Rector for "railway with Pak-lover Khan."

Author's assault against Chavan comes after the Sena was rebuffed for the support instance within a week by Mumbaikars who defied its danger and thronged theatres to see the sheet. The Sena had demanded that Khan rationalise for his remarks favouring inclusion of Asian players in IPL.

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